milk & grass

Webster’s Wheel Third Album

“The stories that are being told in this record are so much more relevant than any trip down this genre’s memory lane could ever be


Fans of American folk music are going to find Milk & Grass to be quite the treasured studio LP this summer season

-Music ExistencE

“Milk & Grass captures the Alabama twosome sounding more divinely in touch with the medium than ever before”



No frills, whistles, or egos to feed, Webster’s Wheel are just two southern folks from the rolling hills of Alabama spreading good messages better than maw maw’s scuppernong jam. 

Their poetic lyricism and southern charm are a surefire heart revival with a sound lost in time and revived by harmonies tight as a bow string… like if Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch had twins reared up by Mother Maybelle Carter. According to IndieShark Music Magazine, “It’s hard to avoid getting lost in the sonic gaze generated by these two when they’re clicking like nobody’s business.”

Now don’t let these two’s upbringings fool you. They’ve toured many a hither and yond around the southeast, released three LPs in a year’s time and are gearing up for four, five, and six. And in January 2022, they’ll be releasing their newest video project “Echoes of the South”, a 9-part mini series featuring Alabama historic places, facts, and original songs performed by Webster’s Wheel.

If poetry and harmony stirs your sweet tea while it’s cookin, Jim Pennington of The Peoples Room says Webster’s Wheel has some of “the most profound lyrics in the history of the room.” So come as you are, leave better or the same. Gratitude is the attitude.