milk & grass

Webster’s Wheel Third Album

“The stories that are being told in this record are so much more relevant than any trip down this genre’s memory lane could ever be


Fans of American folk music are going to find Milk & Grass to be quite the treasured studio LP this summer season

-Music ExistencE

I can’t say that I’ve heard another folk duo sounding quite like Webster’s Wheel does in Milk & Grass


Made in Sunshine lp

“This is a good time to be a folk fan, and records like this are the reason why.”
TooMuchLove Magazine

“Made in Sunshine is as close to gold as it gets.”
Colin Jordan, Music Blogger

“Webster’s Wheel are chasing divine melodicism here that makes their new record unmissable.”
Hollywood Digest

Strap on your boots and join the campfire to hear some of the most heartfelt folk music with Made in Sunshine.  To say that the last year was a dark time for a lot of Americans wouldn’t be doing it justice, but Webster’s Wheel are on a mission to right the ship by offering us an uplifting spiritual guidebook for navigating the deep waters.  Profoundly poetic lyricism and heavenly bluegrass harmonies make this record unmissable.

rest my weary i’s lp

“Undisputedly some of the best you’re going to hear on an acoustic record this year.”  
GasHouse Radio

“It’s hard to avoid getting lost in the sonic gaze generated by these two when they’re clicking like nobody’s business.”
Indieshark Music Magazine

“The words that the singers breathe life into are nothing short of spellbinding from the start.”
IndiePulse Music

If you’re a fan of simplistic melodicism, you’re certain to find solace amongst our stormy modern times with the relaxing sounds of Rest My Weary I’s.  The lyrics are spellbinding from the start and it’s hard to avoid getting lost in the sonic gaze created when this duo is clicking like no one’s business. With harmonies intent on soothing souls everywhere, this album is the perfect backdrop for your next fireside pot of tea or stroll through the park.